Science Experiment

Aim: To see how iPods damage ears.

Hypothesis: The person who doesn't listen to music will hear the highest frequency

  • iPod or no iPod
  • Frequency
  • iPod
  • Frequency Generator
  • 2 Students
  1. Gather materials
  2. Have one student listen to iPod and one student not have anything for 10 minutes
  3. After the time is up see who can hear the highest frequency
Student                        Frequency
Josh (With Music)               2k
Luke (Without Music)         8k

Discussion of Results: Luke heard the higher frequency because he wasn't listening to any music beforehand. Josh couldn't hear a frequency as high as Luke's because he was listening to music for ten minutes.

Conclusion. Luke could hear better than Josh could because he wasn't listening to any music, so therefore music can damage ears.