Action Plan

Cochlear Implants are great but the one great negative is its high price. This has restricted the number of people receiving it to about 59,000 all over the world since 1979.

If the price of the hardware and surgery were reduced from 37,000 the number of people receiving them would grow.

Also if the components, such as the microphone, battery and speech processor were further developed the problem of the signal sounding like “Daffy Duck” it might encourage the people to get a Cochlear Implant, and discourage those people who say it is better to teach them sign language and lip read.

If the government would better fund procedures like this or even allow people to have their implants for free (like the flu vaccine) it would allow deaf people could not afford a Cochlear Implant too receive one.

Our society would benefit from the deaf being able to hear again and would make the individual so much happier.